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Kabonic Media Small Business Webdesign and Services | Call 1-831-272-2069 to for additional pricing options and Questions.

Standard pricing packages and brief description below.

Standard Web-Design.

  • Blank Slate Webpage Design. Responsive Design -
  • We work directly with you or Managers  to make your vision a reality.
  • Design and Production will be completed in the Most Timely and Professional Manner.
  • Kabonic Media will work with you on the particulars and workings of your new investment and
    show you how to make your site work for you.
  • All Domain and E-Mail Migration.
  • We are Domain experts and can help with any and all problems that arise.
  • 8 Page website - Let us know what you want.
    (Testimonial Page - Contact Us - SEO Landing Page - About us - FAQ's - etc.)
  • Social Media Ready - Link All or Some of your pages to your favorite Social Media Sites.
  • Complete control with Private User Name/Password Login and Real Time Editing.
  • True Return on Investment reports- What Marketing and Advertising Channels are Funneling
    viewers to your Site.

Starting from,









 Premium Web-Design.

  • Includes all Standard Webpage Design Features.
  • Google Webmaster Tools and Indexing Service.
  • Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Tools and Indexing Service.
  • 24 Page Website - Up To an additional 16 Pages. (You can Choose what Pages you want to create.)
  • Dedicated Premium You Tube Page Integration.
  • Top Review Sites Optimized for Ease of Use and Description and Ad-Copy. ( Yelp-Google+-Angie's List- BBB).
  • Review Social Media Strategy and Occupy that Space with Optimized Social Page Structure. Verify All Social Sites.
  • Digital Coupon Creation.
  • Digital Storefront and I-Frame Integration.











Stand Alone Micro-Site.
(Distinguish Yourself with Unique Content)

The Right Domain Name and the Right Kind of Advertising - Can Break down the big players in your Market.

Let us show you how Managing multiple Websites in your Market place can disrupt your Competition.
We build Ultra High Speed - Multi-browser Friendly -
Search Optimized Websites to attract more buyers into the selling environment.

We reach people that you are missing and that will buy from your Competition
-because they are unaware of your Products.

Invest your Hard Earned Money on Custom Micro-site working for you 24/7/365 - All The Time -
Every time. Investing in Depreciating Print Advertising is a big mistake.

Invest in Digital where your Money buys you infinitely more.

We can use your Domain name or one choose on of Ours.

  • Compliant Web Page Credit Applications and Disclaimers.
  • We get you completed in under 168 Hours from Contract.
  • Call us now and #letsgo for Web Marketing and Consult for your Team - 831-272-2069




















Upgrade your Current Website with Kabonic Media.

Take this Test - If you don't like the results contact us - we can help.

Analyze your Current Website for mobile-friendly design test from Google.com  Analyze

  • All your Current  Webpage Data will be Noted, Stored and Backed Up/Archived. (Images, Text, Ad-Copy, Links, Meta-data etc.)
  • Migrate your current site with a Solid Framework and a CMS (Content Management System).
  • Handle all E-Mail Issues - You will not lose your E-Mail Data.
  • Create and/or improve all Images for ultra fast rendering.
  • Text and Custom Ad-Copy for all of your Pages.
  • Mobile Website geared towards Smart-Phone Browsing.
  • Consultation Creation and Implementation.
  • Choose you Package.

Other Services Offered.

  • Facebook Applications
  • Social Image Collection
  • Stand Alone Smartphone Applications.
  • Malware and Anti-Virus.
  • Video.
  • AutoServices.


















For Additioanl Items - Projects - Software.

Kabonic Media Digital Solutions.

Please Call 831-272-2069




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Libertyville, IL 60048

Phone (Toll Free)  831-272-2069



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